Make Your Voice Heard!

Make positive change in lung health by advocating for public policies that support the best possible breathing for all New Hampshire residents. 

Choose an Issue

Lung health is a broad field with many issues that can be advocated for.  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma, tobacco, and clean air are possible areas. Choose an issue that is important to you – one that you have experience with is best. Choose an issue that you are passionate about and that will apply to a large audience. 

Get Informed

Learn about the issue. Find out what legislation is currently being looked at. Check the journals and policy reports for information about the issue. The internet is a great place to get started, check out the websites for:

Take Action:

  • Follow current NH legislation related to lung health issues
  • Join others to raise awareness of legislative issues that affect our breathing 
  • Get involved by becoming a member of the Breathe Action Team
  • Make a difference. Learn more here

 Get Involved in the NH Legislative Process: 

  • Bring your idea for change to your Legislator's attention
  • Testify at hearings
  • Write letters or make phone calls to your representatives
  • Work with organizations to create awareness of the possible impact of a piece of legislation
  • Know the candidates views on issues and vote accordingly

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