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Everyone has an important story. You can help tell a story that desperately needs to be told in New Hampshire. 

Lung disease is affecting real people and families in our state today, and is burdening our healthcare systems. Our goal is to shine the spotlight on lung disease to make sure it gets the attention it deserves, and your stories will help our mission become the message.

We need:

  • A story team (writers, photographers and videographers): This consists of a creative team of people who can assist staff in collecting stories of people who have been touched by lung disease or are passionate about lung health issues. Volunteers with skills in interviewing, writing, photography and videography will help us to capture these experiences and perspectives in a compelling way.
  • People who are willing to share how lung disease has impacted their lives or the lives of loved ones. You may be living with lung disease or be the caregiver or family or friend of someone who is. Whatever the connection, we are looking for people who are passionate about lung health issues and spreading the word. Share your story today.

Here are the facts:

COPD is the sixth leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Yet, due in part to the stigma associated with lung disease, there is a serious lack of awareness of and funding for lung disease. Sadly, the voices of lung health "champions" are few because of low survival rates among those affected.  

Let's move past the stigma and join voices to speak on behalf of ourselves and those who are no longer with us. You can be a catalyst for improving lung health in New Hampshire! Let’s change the ending – together.

Tell Us Your Story - Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  Why share your story? Stories are powerful. Your story can…

  • remind others to never take breathing for granted.
  • give hope to others.
  • help other individuals and families know they are not alone.
  • inform lawmakers and the public about the unique challenges faced by those who have difficulty breathing.

2.  What types of stories are you looking for?  We welcome all types of stories, such as:

  • stories about someone who has been affected by lung disease and how Breathe New Hampshire has helped them.
  • stories about what it’s like to live with asthma, lung cancer, COPD or any type of lung disease.
  • stories about breathing.
  • stories about everyone’s right to breathe clean air.
  • stories about someone you’ve lost that you would like to share in his or her memory.
  • stories about someone who has been touched in some way by Breathe NH.

3.  How can I submit my story?

     There are different ways to submit your story:

  • Call our office at 603.669.2411
  • Fill out a story form and send it to us: 

Fax 603.645.6220 
Mail to: Breathe New Hampshire, 145 Hollis Street, Unit C, Manchester, NH 03101

4.  Can I share a photo, video or object along with my story?

      YES – we welcome you to share anything that makes your story more personal, such as:

  •   current or old photos
  •   videos
  •   artwork
  •   poems
  •   letters
  •   momentos – books, antiques, awards, etc.
  •   shoes or clothing
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