1. COPD Action Plan (writable)
  2. COPD Insurance/Medication Form  (writable)
  3. COPD Brochure 
  4. COPD & Asthma Brochure
  5. COPD Fact Sheet
  6. Doctor Visit Checklist
  7. COPD Toolkit v. 2016 
  8. NH COPD Plan v. 11/2014
  9. Landscape of COPD in NH Issue Brief  v. 2014
  10. COPD in NH Issue Brief V. 2011
  11. Breathe NH Newsletters, Brochures & Fact Sheets

COPD Learn More Breathe Better® Fact Sheets 

  1. Breathing Better with a COPD Diagnosis 
  2. What Can You Do About COPD? Smart Steps
  3. How to Get the Most from your Office Visit
  4. Talking to Loved Ones about COPD

Learn More

  1. Breathing Techniques for more efficient breathing
  2. What is a COPD Screening
  3. What are the risks of Influenza?  
  4. What are the risks of Coronavirus?
  5. Learn more about other Lung Health Topics 


Pulmonary Rehabilitation in NH

  1. Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs in NH pdf
  2. Map of Pulmonary Rehab Programs in NH interactive map

Helpful Tips for Living with COPD

  1. Quit Smoking or help those around you quit
  2. Breathing Techniques for more efficient breathing 
  3. Breathe Clean Indoor Air 
  4. Outdoor Air and Your Health 
  5. National Jewish Health - Minimizing Shortness of Breath

Support for People with COPD 

  1. COPD Support Groups 
  2. COPD Wellness Workshops
  3. Eager Breather's Fresh Air Day Cruise
  4. Ask Dr. Mahler - answers to your questions about COPD 
  5. COPD Foundation Patient Information Line 1.866.316.COPD (2673) 
  6. Online Community - COPD Foundation
  7. Online Community - COPD International

Find Resources in NH 

  1. NH Rx Prescription Drug Card 
  2. 211 NH  Find Community Resources in NH
  3. NH ServiceLink Aging and Disability Resource Center

Helpful Links to Learn More about COPD

  1. Dr. Donald Mahler...for those with COPD and their families
  2. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute - Learn More Breathe Better
  3. National Heart, Lung and Blood Institure - Understanding COPD 
  4. COPD Foundation
  5. COPD International
  6. National Jewish Health - COPD 

Get Involved 

  1. NH COPD Plan Details
  2. Team Orange 
  3. Volunteer or Support Us 

Take Action

  1. U.S. COPD Coalition 
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