Asthma Care for Kids

asthma-kid.jpgAsthma Education

Breathe New Hampshire’s  Asthma Care for Kids™ program is helping child care providers, teachers, parents and coaches to better understand asthma. This workshop is an “Asthma 101” presentation for adults who work with children or young people. 

The program helps participants learn about:

  • the basics of asthma, such as what it is and what causes it
  • asthma triggers and how to avoid or reduce them
  • how indoor air affects our breathing
  • common myths about asthma
  • how to recognize asthma warning signs
  • how best to manage the disease
  • asthma medicines and what they do

The program also provides:

  • practical tips for maintaining a healthy breathing environment for all children - in a child care setting, at school, or in the home 
  • handouts and educational material, as well as resouces for learning more 

Participants will have a chance to win a Fun Pass® just for attending!

Asthma Care for Kids™ can be used by child care centers, public and private schools, and parents who home school their children, to learn the essentials about how best to manage any child living with asthma.

This "asthma 101" presentation has helped thousands of children and adults breathe easier, in every region of the state. Breathe New Hampshire has worked with the Regional Coordinators of Head Start and the Child Care Resource and Referral Networks to offer this program to child care providers across New Hampshire.

“I always encourage the child care centers to invite parents and anyone else who deals with asthmatic children to attend the presentation. Once they are educated, they can work together to identify the children's asthma triggers." - Breathe NH’s Asthma Care for Kids® trainer

For more information or to talk with someone about scheduling an Asthma Care for Kids™ program in your community, please contact: or 1-800-835-8647. If you wish to support this and similar programs, you may donate here.

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