Lung Health Awareness Team

Lung Health Team.jpgThe Lung Health Awareness Team is a powerful, dynamic group of individuals who share a not-so-common vital principle, joining forces to make an impact on a major lung health concerns in the state of New Hampshire.

Each member of this unique and diverse team is committed to this collaborative effort. Each member has been touched by lung disease in some way and brings with them determination, passion, motivation and purpose.

The Lung Health Awareness Team is made up of local healthcare providers including doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers; pharmaceutical representatives, respiratory home care businesses; those diagnosed with lung disease and their family and friends and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. 

Although this team is making headway in many areas such as sponsoring public screenings, community education and the COPD State Plan, more help is needed.  

There are many opportunities to become a volunteer with Breathe New Hampshire’s Lung Health Awareness Team. From generating media attention, hosting screening events, posting flyers and posters, and helping with the COPD State Plan.

We invite you to get together with this powerful team and become involved, join forces to make an impact and influence policy and affect a change in the lives of others. We can all make a difference when we collaborate and cooperate – one breath at a time.

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This introduction was written by Essy Moverman, respiratory therapist and board member.
Edited by Breathe New Hampshire. 

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