Team Orange


Team Orange Kicks Off In March During Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week


What is Team Orange? Team Orange Bike.jpg
A free Breathe New Hampshire program encouraging those with lung conditions to move more, so they can breathe and feel better.  

Why Orange? 
Orange is the national color for COPD awareness. COPD is currently the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. 

Who Can Join Team Orange? 
Anyone living with a lung condition or those wishing to support them (family, friends, caregivers, etc.) 

How Can I Join Team Orange?  
For more information, contact Breathe New Hampshire at 603-669-2411, or ask your Pulmonary Rehab Director.

For Sponsorship Opportunities email Cindy Rybczyk at

 If you wish to support this and similar programs, you may donate here..

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